Staging combines the psychology of Selling and the art of Interior Design. Staging can be a humbling experience because it requires you to pack away the things that you love. So, while your personal photos and memorabilia mean the world to you, to Buyers it is a distraction.

The Goal of Staging is creating a warm and welcoming home that appeals to a broad range of Buyers. A well-staged house will get Buyers excited online to schedule a showing to see it in person.

 6 STEPS OF STAGING                   

Tidying Up! involves Decluttering and Depersonalizing the house

Pack Up! You'll want to get a head start on packing so that you are not rushing once under contract

Fix Up! Now it the time to do repairs before a Buyer's Home Inspection

Clean Up! The house needs to sparkle and be "broom swept clean"

Neutralize This step involves removing odors (cooking, musty, pet, smoking) and too specific design taste

Design Up! Highlight the houses best features and update with colors and finishes that today's Buyer want in a new home


HGTV, Pinterest and Instagram have Buyers wanting a freshly updated, move-in ready house reflecting current styles and one that doesn't need any repairs. Buying a new home is also about how Buyers feel when they walk through the front door and the way they can instantly envision their lives unfolding there. This is more than just buying a house - it’s about their life and their Dreams.

REALTOR® & INTERIOR DECORATOR                   

As a REALTOR® with over 20 years of interior decorating experience:

  • I have an insight into the design world that few other real estate agents have
  • I'll identify the areas where an investment of both time and money will go the furthest to bring out your house's fullest potential
  • I'll recommend "bang for the buck" improvements that are affordable and have a big ROI & are the finishes that today's Buyers want in a new home
  • I'll make sure you avoid costly mistakes that won't increase the sales' price
  • My Light Staging Services including moving furniture and arranging Built-Ins
  • If necessary, I’ll recommend my preferred staging company for furnishings and accessories to create a fresh and updated look to your house.                                                                             


While the location and square footage of a house cannot be changed, the interior design can be tweaked. With my Designer’s eye I see options that Sellers don’t see in their house and furnishings. Most Sellers are surprised to see how repurposing their own items can transform their house.

Repurposing furniture and accessories can only transform your house so much. To unlock the full potential of your house, I’ll create a design plan recommending updated colors and finishes. Some of the work you can do yourself and some you may need to hire someone to do the work for you.

Even if you pay someone to do the work, you still stand to make more money than if you were to sell the house without the updates.

Sometimes Sellers choose to not implement my recommendations. In my experience, deferred maintenance, outdated finishes and specific design choices will only bring bargain hunters who will make low ball offers. By not Staging your house, you'll leave money at the closing table.